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We make really good guides. Books cost time as well as money, and in today’s world, your time is more valuable than it’s ever been before. So we keep our guides simple – we distill the essentials to save you the time schlepping around the web piecing everything together and we then infuse them with a big dose of insider savvy. We believe in telling it to you exactly how it is, so no more corporate gloss recycled by overworked journalists looking for easy copy. And we think that above all, the results are what matter, so we get our advice from people who’ve been there before. So less of the bovine brown stuff – it’s time to get the gloves off and get ahead.



We’re happy to announce the release of our guide ‘How to Find a Graduate Job’, aimed at both current and recent students, filling in readers on everything the rest of us wished we knew whilst at college. Click through to the profile page for more information including a sample chapter and table of contents.

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